Vendor Diligence

At CyberFortify Consulting LLC, we understand the critical role of vendor management in cybersecurity compliance, especially in the context of regulations like Illinois’ Insurance Data Security Law (HB2130). Effective vendor management is not just about ensuring your compliance but also about safeguarding your entire digital ecosystem.

Our experience in creating compliance programs for diverse organizations equips us to address the specific challenges of vendor management. We recognize that your cybersecurity posture is greatly influenced by the security processes of your vendors, suppliers, and third-party partners. As highlighted in various sources, ineffective vendor cybersecurity measures can pose a significant security risk to your Agency/Firm, emphasizing the need for a robust vendor management program​​.

Our approach to vendor management includes several key strategies:

Risk Management:

We employ tools to quickly evaluate your vendors’ cybersecurity controls, policies, and procedures. This evaluation is crucial in understanding and mitigating the risks your vendors might pose.

Continuous Monitoring and Auditing:

Regular assessments of your vendors’ cybersecurity posture are essential. Our tools help you monitor and regularly audit your vendors to verify they continue to meet the agreed-upon security standards.

Incident Response Planning :

We help you develop an incident response plan tailored for vendor-related cybersecurity incidents. This plan includes specific steps to mitigate damage and manage the incident effectively​​.

We understand that for many small and medium-sized businesses, building an in-house cybersecurity team focused on vendor management may not be financially viable. CyberFortify offers outsourced, cost-effective cybersecurity solutions, including vendor risk management services. These services are agile and free from the tunnel vision that can sometimes affect in-house teams​​.

A robust vendor management policy is not just a regulatory requirement but a cornerstone of your overall cybersecurity strategy. More than half of today’s cyberattacks attempt to infiltrate networks indirectly through third-party vendors. Partnering with CyberFortify helps you identify vendors who take cybersecurity as seriously as you do.